Bali as Crypto Hub — My Observations from Attending Web3 Events like CoinFest Asia, Bali Crypto Week and Nexticorn

Lia Golledge
2 min readSep 4, 2022

I have maxed out my capacity of networking the in the past 2 weeks as there were so many crypto events going on from Bali Crypto Week, CoinFest Asia to Nexticorn. My introverted self was so damn exhausted :))

It was also an exciting times for sure as we are promoting Robomot NFT’s latest collaboration with 46 Indonesian artists and our upcoming minting. These conferences and events have allowed us to meet a lot of people in the industry, old and new friends.

My observations:

  • Crypto events are wild! I really feel like I’m in Silicon Valley or Miami with the party-like conference and the actual after-party everywhere from villas, beach clubs and coworking spaces
  • We’re in a bear market, but doesn’t really feel so. Everyone’s still super excited in building new projects, which is great!
  • Bali indeed is a perfect Blockchain Hub with people around the world making their way here to become a digital nomad and ended up creating a close-knit communities like S21 Bali, Offchain Bali, Crypto Bali Umbrella, T-Hub, etc
  • I’m happy to get connected to local and expat Web3 communities and glad to be able to help bridge the connection and conversation between them. It’s important that we didn’t get disconnected to each other
  • A lot of my old friends who are Startup Founders from Jakarta are turning into web3 by making projects from Metaverse, NFT, crypto-related, etc
  • I’m checking what Jakarta up to for the upcoming conference, but seems like Jakarta’s events are still a bit ‘stuck’ in web2 WDYT?
  • I have discussed with 2 VCs, one from Indonesia and one from Korea for the prospect of building something with web3 technology in education industry. I already have what I thought as a great idea in mind. Definitely exciting to learn as I go and meeting potential people that can help expand this idea
  • There’s a lot of needs of talents in web3 including smart contract developer. Remote Skills Academy has started with Community Manager for NFT course and hopefully can start our Smart Contract Development course soon
  • Women in Web3 has always been my focus, it’s great to get connected with more women in Web3 especially Founders and Investors #WomenHelpingWomen

Nobody really know what’s going to happen in this space even in the next few weeks. Ethereum will merge mid September. I don’t know what’s that mean. All I know: web3 is here to stay. This is the best time to start to dive into it while people are not distracted by speculation and going ‘to the moon’. How about we stay on earth and focus to be curious on what this technology can do to move humanity forward?

Have a great weekend!



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