Future of Work is Hybrid — What I’ve Learned from Working with My Princeton Intern

Lia Golledge
3 min readAug 2, 2022
Nelson & I on his last day at work

For two months I’ve had the wonderful chance to work with one students from Princeton University, USA, for Remote Skills Academy. His name is Nelson and he’s from Indonesia. I need help to manage the community of Robomot NFT (that’s minting soon this month!) and Nelson came at the right time.

We worked together to build the twitter and partnership strategy for Robomot NFT. It was fun and Nelson managed to 2x the followers of @robomotnft on twitter, handle collaboration with over 40 artists and partnership with more than 10+ projects, and eventually increase engagement with our community.

This is Nelson’s first time working for any company (he’s only in his first year of uni), so I’m impressed by his holistic way to approach work, data-driven and creative at the same time, which gave me so much hope for Gen Z 😄 Of course, I need to introduce him to the way we work and the way I work.

Since the pandemic, we all have had the chance to taste what working from home and working from anywhere feel like. Now that we slowly entering the new normal, are we going to be back 100% to the office?

What I’ve learned while working with Nelson is, that the hybrid model has a big prospect to stick.

We have regular in-person meetings at Livit Hub Bali, Sanur, where we did quick updates and do walking meetings by the beach while creating content for @remoteskillsacademy Instagram Reels #lifeatRSA.

Working at Livit Hub Sanur

Sometimes, Nelson will also visit me in Canggu, and we coworking in various places like Zin and T-Hub, where we met people and attend technology events in the afternoon.

Online remote work definitely works, and an in-person meeting is good to build relationships, connections, and foster understanding. It’s easy to misunderstand the nuance in every text we sent on Slack, but it’s easier to understand the context when we see the person in real life, their body language, and catch a glimpse of their smile.

Nelson & I bond so seamlessly together that now I missed working with him already after Nelson is back in the states to continue his study. I’m sure this is the type of connection you want between you and your team members.

First day coworking

So it’s time for you to share, are you a team remote, office, or hybrid?



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