Gotong Royong with Bali Investment Club

Bali is not just a place to surf, it’s a place to start. Was attending Bali Investment Club (BIC) inaugural event, Gotong Royong, to introduce BIC’s startup portfolio Smartmates, Atmosfera, Sama-Sama, and Servr.

Founders & Board members of Bali Investment Club (BIC)

It’s been a while since my last networking event, so this one was special. I met entrepreneurs and investors who happened to be in Bali or just moved to Bali. The event was held outdoor in a beautiful Shore Amora, with live music by the pool and an NFT Art gallery on the other side of the space.

NFT Art Gallery
Me in a very Jakarta outfit :D

Tom & Nico, Founders of BIC, have a vision of an entertaining networking night with a combination of music and technology, I guess just like a mini SXSW :D

Tom opening Gotong Royong
Nico introducing one of BIC’s portfolio Smartmates
The Hydrant rock the stage

There’s an undeniable shift in this world that we can’t ignore. People realized they actually can work from anywhere in the world and things would work just fine. They don’t need to be in an office, or in big cities. If they can work or start a company from Bali and be as successful, might as well #livinginbali and get all the perks island life got to offer, while solving problems and changing the world.

Gotong royong in Bahasa Indonesia means: collaboration to work on the same goal. The effect of the pandemic will linger. I am hoping that more people will #StartFromBali, collaborate with local talents/entrepreneurs/investors to move the local economy, and we surely will get out of this pandemic stronger.

Congratulations Tom, Nico, Hugo, Okki, and all, for making a move and connecting us all. Check more about BIC on


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