My Way to be Intentional in Making Connections

Lia Golledge
2 min readJun 19, 2022

I’d like to be more intentional in making connections in 2022.

On my birthday, I invited 13 friends for dinner to give me some advice on overcoming my ‘fear’ of going 40.

My 39th Birthday Dinner

I listen and write down what each one has to say, then I’m going to try everything they suggest me to, from hiking Mount Batur to getting a room lol. Embracing life to the fullest was the main message. Enjoy the good and embrace the bad. Then I’m going to sum the insights up into a book called ‘39’ and I’m going to launch it on my 40th birthday next year *fingers crossed*

Friends that I invited are coming from different backgrounds, from resort owners, startup girl, photographer, to music producer. I sent out an email before the dinner, introducing everyone with their bio and my impression of them. From what I heard, everyone felt connected even before the event started.

I plan the seating carefully, so everyone can have a better chance to have good conversations with each other over a delicious 3-course Mediterranean dinner at Mezze Canggu.

It was an easy bonding with the music. Tesha sang beautifully for us. One by one my friend offered me their gifts, Sisi dueting with Tesha, Bayu read his poetry, Rina played guitar in public for the first time, Stanley was rapping, Geges sing the Colors of The Wind, Charlotte guide us on meditation to manifest a life partner for me (so sweet!), and Suhe, came directly from Korea, go straight into dangdut mode and we all dance through the night.

I’ve been showered with love, kind words, best wishes, wonderful thoughtful gifts, and laughter on my birthday and I am super super grateful for you.

I love you all!



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